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marceline's death. by Senju-HiMe
marceline's death.
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She was such a beautiful creature, and now she’s wasted.
Oh, Marceline, my love! What have you done? What went wrong? 
Did the scars itch and had to scratch them, making them bleed, again? Hadn’t you learned? The heat burned your cheeks, the warmth numbed your feet. 
And so you couldn’t walk, and you couldn’t think, and you were suddenly his. And he kept your desires, and made it all clean. Clean like death. 
Just like you, a pretty girl now dead. Oh, Marceline, my dear! Why couldn’t you live? Now empty, such lovely façade. And he won’t even bury you, as you were fake. Soulless eyes, heartless lips. You stupid, little girl. Handn’t you learned? There will no longer be an ‘again’! 
So now lie here, on these broken dreams and cry yourself to sleep. Hear yourself and burn in the wind. Scratch scars and bleed thoughts of him.
Oh, Marceline! Poor Marceline!

other work: demons. by Senju-HiMeone life. by Senju-HiMeadvena. by Senju-HiMe
olympia. by Senju-HiMe
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Valiente's Olymlia SS 2015 campaign !

Model is beautiful Isabella Ching 


other work: demons. by Senju-HiMeone life. by Senju-HiMeadvena. by Senju-HiMe
alba. by Senju-HiMe

If you like my work, you can follow me on FACEBOOK  :)


Llevaba tiempo queriendo crear una fotografía para la Asociación Pablo Ugarte (APU, ). Los fundadores de esta asociación son mis vecinos y además son los padres de mi amiga Dori. 

APU es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro que lucha contra el cáncer infantil y que nació en 2010 a iniciativa de los padres de Pablo, el niño que da nombre a la misma.
Pablo Ugarte Zarco (2000-2010),  sufrió durante casi dos años y medio de Sarcoma de Ewing, un cáncer infantil que afecta a los huesos. Sus padres, tras su muerte, decidieron ayudar a los niños que se encuentran en esa situación y por eso crearon la asociación.

Entre los objetivos de la APU, además de colaborar en líneas de investigación en la lucha contra el cáncer infantil, se encuentra el ayudar y apoyar en todo lo relacionado con enfermedades de larga duración, en especial las que afectan a los niños.

Me costó bastante crear esta fotografía y poder así transmitir mi idea de la APU. Hice varios intentos hasta conseguir una fotografía con la que estuve satisfecha. Cada elemento es una metáfora sobre la vida y sobre el impresionante papel que está jugando la APU en ayudar a los demás. Al final de su vida en la tierra lo único que podía comer  Pablo eran almendras y olivas, que constituyen el logo de la APU. En mis manos sujeto ambos alimentos mientras los voy entregando suavemente al agua. Pablo nació cerca del mar.


For a long time I had been wanting to create a photography for the Pablo Ugarte Association (APU, ). Its founders are my neighbors and also my friend Dori’s parents.

APU is a non-profit association that fights against childhood cancer and which was born in 2010 thanks to Pablo’s parents, the child that gave the name to it.
Pablo Ugarte Zarco (2000-2010) suffered from Edwing’s Sarcoma, a childhood cancer that affects the bones. His parents, after his death, decided to help children in the same situation and that’s why they created APU.

Between all the APU’s goals, besides collaborating on investigating the fight against childhood cancer, is to help and support everything related to long-time duration illnesses, especially those that affect children.

It was very hard for me to create this photo and transmit my idea of what APU represents. I made different tryouts until I was satisfied. Each element is a metaphor about life and the amazing role APU is playing to help others. At the end of his life, the only thing that Pablo was able to eat were almonds and olives, which constitute APU’s logo. In my hands I am holding both foods while I’m gently giving them to the water. Pablo was born near the sea.



Cristina Otero
Artist | Professional | Photography




Madrid, Spain

8 signed posters giveaway to thank you!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 19, 2014, 2:45 AM
(Español abajo)

So yesterday I reached the 80k likes on FACEBOOK !! Thank you so much guys, it means a lot to me. I appreciate all your support throughout this five years, when I started shooting. It feels like a lifetime has passed since I had the first camera in my hands. You are the best :heart:

I promise next week I will make the worldwide raffle between my FACEBOOK  followers to win one of the 8 signed posters I will giveaway. Look out for my post on FB! :)

Ayer llegué a los 80,000 'me gusta' en FACEBOOK !! Muchas gracias chicos, significa muchísimo para mi. Aprecio todo el apoyo que me habéis brindado desde hace cinco años, cuando empecé haciendo fotos. Parece como si hubiese pasado una vida entera desde que sostuve mi primera cámara. Sois los mejores :heart: 

Prometo que la semana que viene haré el sorteo mundial para mis seguidores de FACEBOOK  para poder ganar uno de los 8 posters firmados que daré. Estad atentos a mi post en BF! :)

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1. Can I draw one of your photos?
-Yes you can as long as you credit me. I also would like to know the link to fave or at least to see it :)

2.What camera do you use?

3. What editing program(s) do you use?
-Photoshop cs3 and Photoscape

4. Do you do all your make-ups for self-portraits?

5. How old are you?

6. How many years have you been doing photography?
- 5 years

7. What your real eye color?
-Brown <3

8. What lense(s) do you use?

• PENTAX SMC DA 55 mm F1,4 SDM (Star) (PRO)
• PENTAX SMC DA 70 mm F2.4 Limited (PRO)

9. What light do you use?
-Natural light that comes from my window


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I would really love it if you check it out!!:)
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I must say, your work is visual poetry. Every photo you do implants emotions and thoughts that stirs something that is beyond simple perception of art. I'm left awestruck and inspired. I thank you because your work made me feel something I thought lost.
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I love your work <3 I am a huge fan and you are my ultimate muse.

This is one of my drawings that are based on your portraits :) Hope you take a look!…
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I love your photos, You are the best 
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I simply LOVE your work. Congratulations for your  stunning portraits! Love all of them (my fav is "Don't tell mom", though).
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